How to Become a Building Surveyor

There are a number of pathways into becoming a Building Surveyor in Australia.

Generally, the first step to becoming a Building Surveyor is to obtain a tertiary qualification and there are number of courses from a range of education institutions available to choose from. To determine the most appropriate course, we recommend contacting the relevant state body in charge of registration and licensing to see which course is the best fit for you and your career goals in the Building Surveying industry. 

Only the qualifications included in the Academic Course Listing are eligible for gaining AIBS Accreditation.

Post-qualification, or even while still studying, you can look at our Employment Board and other industry job listings to find a Building Surveying position suitable for you. Building Surveyors can work in either private or government capacities; and can either work on a more general basis, or specialise in a particular area. There is a great deal of flexibility with the profession to work in an area that challenges and interests you.

Academic Course Listing
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