About the Institute

The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors is recognised nationally and internationally as the peak professional body representing Building Surveying practitioners in Australia.

AIBS is a national organisation operating across all legislative jurisdictions, and we play a key role in the building industry in Australia. As AIBS is a not-for-profit entity, all funds raised and held by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors are re-invested in the services for and on behalf of its members.

AIBS was founded in Victoria in 1962 and has subsequently grown to incorporate representatives from each state and territory within Australia. In 2014, AIBS moved from a primarily Chapter-based administration system in to a centralised National Administrative support structure operating from a single National Office.

In accordance with the NSW Government Gazette on 21 May 2021, pursuant to section 13 of the Professional Standards Act 1994, The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) Professional Standards Scheme commenced on 01 July 2021 across all states and territories, except for Victoria where it commenced on 01 September 2021. The AIBS Professional Standards Scheme has been approved for five (5) years.

Through the AIBS Professional Standards Scheme, AIBS upholds the professional standards of its members who are building surveyors, and ensures that clients have access to appropriately qualified and skilled building surveyor practitioners for representation and advice. It ensures that members are insured appropriately, participate in continuing professional development, adopt appropriate risk management strategies and processes and are subject to a complaints and disciplinary structure.

AIBS employ staff to support the efforts of volunteer participants such as the Board, Chapter Committees and Specialist Advisory Groups, and to carry out the policies set by the Board. They report to the Chief Executive Officer based in the AIBS office in Sydney.

AIBS as an Occupational Association demonstrates the enormous volume of work undertaken by AIBS as we strive to achieve a more professional, viable and rewarding future for building surveying nationally. It is a document aimed at providing a greater understanding of the scope of the work undertaken by AIBS in all jurisdictions across Australia on behalf of building surveyors at all levels from local through to national. To view AIBS as an Occupational Association, please click here.