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A recent issue of Australian Building Surveyor is available to read online. The latest edition can be found in our Members Area.

Australian Building Surveyor is a quarterly publication, which delivered free to our Members and is available for annual subscriptions or one-off purchase. It is a tool that supports the AIBS philosophy of providing leadership in policy and professional development as well as supporting continuous improvement in the profession of Building Surveying.

AIBS always strives to keep the information we distribute to our members relevant, interesting and varied. To that end we want to hear from you if you have contributions or suggestions for Australian Building Surveyor,

We welcome contributions and suggestions in the following forms:

  • Abstracts for articles to include in the publication
  • Submissions for "On The Building Site"
  • Suggestions about the type of content you would like to read.

If you have content or a suggestion, please contact us.

We welcome your contributions and feedback as we seek to make Australian Building Surveyor ever more informative, relevant and interesting.

All information regarding advertising rates and bookings can be found in our 2020 Media Kit, available for download below.
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