The Birth of Building Surveying 

Remembering the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

The 2nd of September represents the 350th Anniversary of the start of the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire of London holds special significance because the building surveying profession as we know it today, can be said to have been born from the devastating effects of this catastrophic event through the subsequent introduction of the London Building Act.
As part of this anniversary, AIBS has produced a special feature aimed at telling the ‘story’ of the profession to the public and the challenges the profession faces now and into the future. We are also using this milestone to create a greater awareness of how the profession plays a vital role in the health, safety and protection of the community.

We hope you enjoy our Special Feature.

A PDF of the special feature is also available for download below, in addition to copies of the Sydney Building Act 1837 and the Melbourne Building Act 1849.
Sydney Building Act 1837
(Adobe PDF File)
Melbourne Building Act 1849
(Adobe PDF File)